Drawer Construction

All Martin Furniture products feature quality drawer construction that is designed to stand the test of time.  All three of our drawer construction methods have subtle differences but are all very sturdy.  Drawers are intended for use with hanging files only.

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    Ball Bearing Drawer Glide

    Ball Bearing Glides have commercial quality, quiet operation and support heavy loads (up to 50LBS)

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    Euro-style Drawer Glide

    Euro-style slides have smooth operating metal glides for quiet and economical operation

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    Precision Channel Drawer Construction

    Precision channel joint construction provides strong connection between drawer side and face

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    Dovetail Drawer Construction

    Dovetail drawer joinery is the finest and most elegant expression of woodworking and craftsmanship

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    Premium Drawer

    Euro-style drawer glides, Precision channel joint construction

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    Superior Drawer

    Full suspension ball bearing glides, Precision channel joint construction

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    Heirloom Drawer

    Full suspension ball bearing glides, Dovetail joint construction