Furniture Care


When dusting your furniture, you can use various tools. Classic feather dusters, lamb’s wool dusters, treated cloths, terry towels, and soft, lint-free cloths are all great for dusting wooden furniture. What’s most important is that the option you choose is clean, soft, and will easily and effectively remove dust. However, dust may scatter into the air and dry cloths can cause dust to make microscopic scratches on the wood. To prevent this, you’ll want to dampen your cleaning cloth slightly.

Never use soap and water for cleaning wood furniture. Water can cause wood to swell and may stain your furniture.

Never use a wet cloth for furniture dusting.

Rubber or plastic materials should not be placed on lacquered surfaces. Surface will plasticize over time and warp.

**Martin Furniture is not responsible for damage caused by the use of household cleaning products on any piece of furniture beyond what is recommended. The information on this page is a suggestion based on tests conducted by Martin Furniture staff on Martin Furniture products only.

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